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It's important that we amplify different experiences with these issues to our elected leaders and other constituents so that they can better understand the direct impacts of this legislation, and ensure that their decisions reflect the needs of those they would affect.

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    It's important that we amplify the different experiences of our community and the issues that impact them to our elected leaders and ensure that their decisions reflect the needs of those they would affect. Will you share your story?
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    If it occurred on the Metro, please specify which Metro line and/or which Metro station or bus stop and/or bus route number:Gallery place, Columbia heights, x2, p12, Anacostia, Addison Road At what time of day did the experience happen (morning, afternoon, evening?): Was the harasser a DC government employee, for example, a police officer, Metro Employee, or someone otherwise employed by the city?POLICE OFFICERS!!! Department store employees! If you are comfortable, can you share what happened during the incident?i was at the courthouse & trying to focus on getting my nephew some help & this random guy came up to me and said ‘you gone let me f***’ ‘come on come to the bathroom and let me f*** the s*** out of you’
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    If you could tell the public/elected leaders one thing about your experience – what would it be?I would want to tell city council that sometimes on the street i feel unsafe because who i am and what i represent as a person first then transgender second. The project it so excellent and also makes transgender really matter and proving that us as a community has a voice. My experience was very eventful and very careful. The question i ask myself is what the council is doing right? they are not making sure that the trans people are safe we need more people helping us and more laws surrounding the trans community. They also need police and every corner and have the trans cop out normally and i sex work should just be decriminalized and it just be legal because sex work some people ever know sex work is some people only income. 85% doesn’t have a job 50%. is homeless 92% is black. and more people should us girls to go because it two stigmas one trans then we are are colors and different points of town
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    How long have you done sex work?5-6 years  How often do you engage in sex work?on and off, sometimes a few times a weekWhere do you engage in sex work?online, k st, tagg What have you exchanged sex for?money, weed, rides, food Do you have a buddy system with a friend to let them know that you have gotten back from your date or your night safely?yes If you have a bad encounter with a date, do you have someone that you can call for help?eh yes, but usually take care of it on my own.If you have a bad encounter with a date, do you have a safe place that you can go to (for any amount of time)?yesHave you ever been arrested for engaging in sex work?noIf no, have you ever been stopped by police under suspicion of engaging in sex work?yes, they couldnt do anything and told me if they see me off of the sidewalk again they will arrest me.  😒😒😒   another time, i was in a car and they surrounded me and gave me a ticket

    Have you ever been stopped by police for engaging in sex work when you were not participating in sex work?yesnopeeeee!!!!! 
      If yes, can you talk about that experience? In general, are you comfortable calling or interacting with the police, regarding a bad experience you might have engaging in sex work? If no, why not?nope!!!!!!! I wouldnt have to worry about 12 and I would be able to provide better for myself