Mutual Aid and Community Support

Understanding the countless, massive barriers that trans folx - particularly black and brown trans women - face in D.C. to access employment, housing, and other basic needs and services, we work to center those most on the margins and support each other. We must keep one another safe, fed, and housed as we fight for a world that affirms us.


Trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) communities are facing increasing levels of violence on top of barriers that have only continue to grow after the passage of FOSTA/SESTA in April 2018. Since then, NJNP has doubled-down on its work to fight back against anti-TGNC violence by providing Rapid Response Support to our familia as a crucial component of our Trans Justice Program, alongside Mutual Aid in the form of:

  • Temporary Housing -  at the NJNP House Collective or with NJNP allies who have space — for housing unstable or whose work hours extended passed the curfew at their existing housing. Housing was already a critical issue in D.C.’s TGNC Communities before the loss of Backpage and Craigslist Personals among other sites, but the loss in income resulting from these bills have left far too many unable to pay for rent, and many who were in the process of getting housing at tgh lost their deposits.
  • Employment - Helping people find jobs, assisting with cover letter and resume writing, and practice interviewing.
  • Access - Helping people get IDs, correct name and gender on legal documents, open bank accounts, raise money to keep their phones on, and access alternative and natural medicines.
  • Meals - Working with community partners and allies to source meals and ingredients and make meals for struggling TGNC Community Members who stop by NJNP.
  • Legal Support and responding to State Terror - Supporting and advocating for our accomplices at hearings, helping folks navigate the system, raising money for jail and legal defense support, signal boosting/engaging in Public Awareness Campaigns and working with community partners, organizations and volunteer lawyers to support TGNC community members in need.