January 2018


-Jan. 8: NJNP Co-Hosts a Swipes on Us event with Black Lives Matter - DC (BLM-DC), Save Our System (SOS), and the Future is Feminist to provide community members in DC’s most neglected ward with Metro/Bus Cards and educate the public on DC Public Transport’s (WMATA) decisions to invest in increased policing of fare evasion that hurt those most in need of public transportation. As these violences  so disproportionately affect trans and gnc people of color, NJNP reserved 500 (?) fare cards  for these underserved communities.

-Jan. 20: NJNP provides bail support to trans organizer and activist Emmelia Talarico, after arrested by for scaling the flag poles outside Union Station and performing a banner drop reading “Don’t Trump Our Communities” to mark one-year of resistance to 45’s regime  

-Jan. 25: NJNP leads the charge in partnership with Stop Police Terror Project DC, Keep DC 4 Me, and HIPS to Pack The Hearing and defeat a so-called “nuisance” bill that would further criminalize trans survival in the District of Columbia  

-Jan. 31: NJNP organizes community to turn out and testify to the Board of DC Public Transportation on the violences faced by trans and gnc communities of color on the Metro and Bus System, particularly by an increasing presence of Metro Police