Community Support & Response

NJNP and Casa Ruby Organizers speaking at a International Sex Worker Day Rally in DC. Photos by Juh Neigh

NJNP’s efforts over the past year have brought to light the exceptional needs in the trans community for access to healthcare, housing, immigration services, spanish speaking language services, and employment. Rampant discrimination prevents many trans and GNC people from accessing services and basic needs.


Mutual Aid and Community Support

Understanding the countless, massive barriers that trans folx - particularly black and brown trans women - face in D.C. to access employment, housing, and other basic needs and services, we work to center those most on the margins and support each other. We must keep one another safe, fed, and housed as we fight for a world that affirms us.

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Organizing Training Project Pilot

In Spring and Summer 2018, NJNP began and completed a three month pilot, stipended Organizing Training Project (OTP) to develop the organizing and leadership skills of trans folks of color most directly and disproportionately impacted by violence resulting from the criminalization of sex work to organize locally impacted communities and lead the movement to decriminalize sex work and make the District of Columbia a safer space for trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals and communities.

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