Community Support, Mutual Aid & Response Project

Trans Justice - Community Support & Response project

About No Justice No Pride's Trans Justice - Rapid Response Program

Recognizing the countless barriers that trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) folx face when attempting to access basic needs like employment, housing, and human services, No Justice No Pride (NJNP) has built a Trans Justice Program - Rapid Response Program that trains, employs, and provides mutual aid to trans youth organizers and activists on Piscataway lands occupied by the District of Columbia (DC).

Our work has grown more quickly than anticipated and we need your help to keep this important movement building effort going strong.

Because of barriers to survival faced by TGNC people - particularly black and brown trans women and trans feminine people - TGNC communities disproportionately depend on survival sex work to meet basic needs like food and shelter. Atop the already monumental barriers that most severely impact these members of our larger LGBTQ2SIA+ family, two laws - FOSTA & SESTA - were recently passed and are already devastating these our communities, including forcing significantly more TGNC people to participate in street-based survival sex work.

To lead the groundwork most devastatingly impacting their communities, 3 brilliant organizers-in-training are learning the fundamentals of building community power, including the histories of our liberation movements, Organizing 101’s, how to build movement capacity, and the Steps to a House-Call. Current program participants are already putting their new skills to work on the NJNP Community Safety Survey and organizing with local TGNC and queer communities most directly and severely impacted by FOSTA and SESTA. We want to keep this going, but can’t do it without you!

NJNP is also providing temporary housing as well as employment assistance and resource access assistance for housing-unstable trans folx. This rapid response effort is how we are working to respond to TGNC communities' needs following the swift shutdown of websites used to arrange dates online and not in the streets - like Backpage and Craigslist Personal Ads among others - and the resulting rapid increase in violence against trans and gender nonconforming communities.

We need your support now more than ever if we hope to continue the work toward trans and queer liberation, including making DC public spaces safer for our communities by fighting to decriminalize sex work in DC and bring the LGBTQ Movement back to its radical roots of Trans and Queer resistance to the forces that continue to kill us every day.